LSU Church

Young Adult Ministry

Young Adult Ministry

The Young Adult Ministry of La Sierra University Church is known as BeyondU.

Why Are We Here?
After college, young adults hit the “real world”, complete with deadlines, responsibilities, bills, and expectations. Most of us are no longer dependant on parents for stability or spiritual survival. We no longer rely on teachers to guide our knowledge and direct our personal growth. Being involved in church, in events, in anything is now our own choice, and we are what we’ve always wanted to be: Independent.
But with no strings attached, it also means that there are no strings attached. No strings to keep us accountable, to keep us engaged, or to provide an outside perspective. (Strings that will be missed at a time when we’re making some of the biggest relationship and career choices of our lives.)
That’s what BeyondU is for. To provide a place for post-collegiates who are ready to engage in community, beyond themselves. And to start some serious conversations about God, life, and making our faith our own.

How Do We Do That?
We start these conversations through films, Bible study, discussion, books, personal experiences and trips to see interesting things.
We create a community by having these conversations and hanging out together to eat, go on retreats, and start projects that benefit both us and other people.

Who Are We?
We’re generally a group of Christian, Seventh-day Adventist young adults who are in our 20s and 30s and who care to build relationships and grow in our faith.

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