LSU Church



Here at La Sierra, one of our most cherished and valuable times together is our church@study time, what we have always referred to as Sabbath School.

From 10:45-11:30 each Saturday morning, we set aside the time to join in the examination of the Bible (as did the members of the New Testament church in Berea, Acts 17:11), to "seek God's face with all our hearts" (Psalm 119:58), to "gain understanding" from biblical council (119:104), to "thoroughly test" God's promises (119:140), and to "put our hope in God's word" (119:147).

A wide variety of educational approaches, biblical topics, and class sizes make the study hour relevant to all. At the present time, 23 programs and studies are available for our members. The goal of all these discussions is to grow in grace, within the embrace of a community where we feel the safety to ask any question, the freedom to find our place in our tradition, and the encouragement to explore the rich possibilities of an individual relationship with our Creator God.

The following classes meet during the church@study times (beginning at 10:45 am, unless otherwise noted) with targeted programs and topical studies of interest and importance to each group.

Children's Classes

Cradle Roll (birth-age 2), LSUC Sanctuary, Lower Level
Tiny Tots (ages 2-3), LSUC Sanctuary, Lower Level
Kindergarten (age 4-grade K), LSUC Sanctuary, Lower Level
Primary 1 (grades 1 & 2), LSUC Education Center, Lower Level
Primary 2 (grades 3 & 4), LSUC Education Center, Lower Level
Juniors (grades 5 & 6), LSUC Sanctuary, Lower Level

Youth Classes

Junior High (grades 7 & 8), LSUC Education Center, Upper Level
High School (grades 9-12), Youth Room, LSUC Education Center, Upper Level

Collegiate Classes

Collegiate Sabbath School Class (college students), Room 30, LSUC Sanctuary, Upper Level

Adult Classes

Destination Sabbath School (10:45), Sierra Vista Chapel
Conversations (10:45), Fellowship Hall
Journey (10:30), Ministry Center, LSUC Education Center, Upper Level
Faculty and Friends (9:40 am), Alumni Center, LSU Campus
Spanish Class (10:45), Parents' Room, LSUC Sanctuary, Upper Level
Beth McCalla's Class (10:45), Ministers' Room, LSUC Sanctuary, Upper Level
Outlook (10:45), Choir Room, LSUC Sanctuary, Lower Level

The SDA Bible Study Guide contains information for weekly study in preparation for the discussion in Adult Sabbath Schools. Copies of the SDA Bible Study Guide are available at the church office, or ask for one at the greeters window in the church on Saturday mornings.