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Overwhelmed: to turn upside down, to overthrow, to defeat completely, to inundate, to give too much of a thing. These are some common definitions, but none of us need to read a dictionary to understand feeling overwhelmed. We express the reality of this feeling very often in our quite ordinary lives.

When we say we are overwhelmed it’s typically a negative expression, or at least a signal that something must change for better quality of life. This Advent, while not ignoring the negative or heaviness of being overwhelmed, we are also searching for its antithesis: the surprise of being overwhelmed with good. Overwhelmed with calm. With quiet. With insight. With choice. With freedom. With opportunity. With potential. With sameness. With relationships. With ritual. And the list goes on.

Our sermon-time attempts to put on display less obvious moments in the familiar birth of Jesus narrative. Less obvious moments are also everywhere. Peter Berger calls these, ‘signals of transcendence.’ By this he means an ordinary happening, which, when we pause to consider, has something profound or significant to say.

Series Sermons

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When You Dream Upon A Star

  |  Dec 2, 2017

Overwhelmed  |  Chris Oberg

Advent is for Trusting

  |  Dec 9, 2017

Sam Leonor