La Sierra Family,

From the border cities of Texas, a range of emotions is stirred this week. We follow this crisis with profound concern, informed by the call of Jesus.

Tomorrow in worship we take time to pray over this national and international crisis. At the Breakfast Potluck (9-10am), a table is available to create expressions of comfort and care. Children may draw pictures and any of us can take time to write a note. If you want to bring a new teddy bear or stuffed animal, we will send these items to one of the many non-profits engaged in border cities. This is called Operation Comfort, and is one tangible way to express our solidarity with families.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is not silent in this matter. Here, we list three statements from leadership, each different yet all with a lens on the humanitarian crisis:

The North American Division

The Pacific Union (our own regional leaders)

The Religious Liberties Church and State Council

As national leaders in our government seek resolution to complex immigration realities, we encourage ongoing dialogue with one another and ongoing contributions to relieve the suffering of others. To be loving and lovable is a command from the Jesus who saves and leads us all. May it be so, dear church.

Chris Oberg and the Pastoral Team