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Chosen By Grace

by Pastor Stuart Tyner

"So too, at the present time, there is a remnant chosen by grace." (Romans 11:5, NIV)

In the dark days of the late 1930s and early 40s, two groups of people emerged in Europe. The first group, art lovers, admired art for three primary reasons. They appreciated the beauty that art brought to their lives, the artistic talent, and the priceless value of works produced by the great painters. So did the second group. But they added one more reason – they believed that the pleasures of art were owed to them. They thought of themselves as a superior race. They were the Nazis.

"Stuart Tyner is an appreciator of great art, but above all, he appreciates the grace of God. You'll appreciate the unique way he shares salvation by grace. This is an informed, refreshing, and much-needed book for today's Christians." (Pacific Press ad in Ministry Magazine.)

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Searching For The God Of Grace

by Pastor Stuart Tyner

There’s a glorious treasure right under our noses, but we can’t see it. “This is a story of that treasure. It's about how the treasure transforms the lives of all who discover it. About how the treasure reorients our identity in our deepest reality. Searching For The God Of Grace reveals the treasure placed before us that we cannot yet see. In this book, Stuart Tyner explores God’s perfect gift as revealed in the plan of salvation, the pages of history, and the principles of God’s character. Tyner’s destination is the happiness that God wants you to have and the priceless and shining gift of your place in His eternity.

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The Colors of Grace in Our Homes

by Pastor Stuart Tyner

Asserting that the good news of the Gospel greatly exceeds the bad news, The Colors of Grace in Our Homes celebrates what can work in Christian families as they struggle to provide exciting and growing spiritual support for their homes.

Stuart Tyner illustrates new and innovative ways that our families can become Christ-centered and grace oriented. This volume can be a valuable aid for all who want to engage their children and teens in the process of faith development and creative family worship.


Three Generations of Pioneer Women: A Scrapbook of Memories

by Pastor Halcyon Wilson

As she looks back on her life, Halcyon remembers with humor and love her mother and grandmother. She is amazed and humbled at the sacrifices, the courage, spirit of adventure and commitment displayed by these women. In this book, she relives afresh the pathos and humor in the letters, along with the early memories of her childhood in South America. Halcyon asks herself, “Was the sacrifice worth the dedication? Even though my mother, as a young bride in a foreign land, must have been lonely, sad, and homesick at times, she never let us know. I don’t think she ever questioned her purpose in life.”

The influence of her mother and grandmother lingered as Halcyon grew into a woman of compassion, insight, and courage. She holds a master’s degree in family life education. Her work as an educator, counselor, pastor, administrative advisor, wife, mother, grandmother and recently a great-grandmother, has interwoven into the spiritual, gracious and loving person she is to her family, students, and friends. One described Halcyon as “a rock in the time of trouble for so many people.”

An accomplished author, she has written many published articles. Countless have been truly blessed who have attended seminars she has taught, some with her husband, Leland, a chemistry professor. It is hoped this blessing will be extended to you as you share her memories, her heart and live the adventures in these pages.

Three Generations of Pioneer Women may be purchased from the ABC Christian Book Center in Riverside or Loma Linda, CA. It may also be purchased from the Women’s Resource Center, La Sierra University. Price is $20 plus tax and postage. The Women’s Resource Center benefits from the sale of this book if purchased from the Resource Center.