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Sabbath School

Sabbath School

Jesus is my best friend! When a child says these words and begins living a life that exemplifies these words, we know that we as caregivers have done our task. At La Sierra University Church we strive to give parents the tools for spiritual development and to supplement their work in our programs. The most foundational to this idea are our Sabbath Schools. Children from birth through 6th grade are ministered to in our "Grace-linked to Jesus" program. Come join us as we learn to how Jesus can be our best friend at every stage of life.

Individual classes meet weekly on Saturday mornings at 10:45am in the Children's Ministry area of our Church Facility.

Children's Classes: 10:00am

CRADLE ROLL (birth-age 2) LSUC Sanctuary, Lower Level
TINY TOTS (ages 2-3), LSUC Sanctuary, Lower Level
KINDERGARTEN (age 4-grade K), LSUC Sanctuary, Lower Level
PRIMARY I (grades 1 & 2), Education Center, Lower Level
PRIMARY II (grades 3 & 4), Education Center, Lower Level
JUNIORS (grades 5 & 6), LSUC Sanctuary, Lower Level