LSU Church

Child Dedication Ceremonies

We Present Our Children Before the Lord

Following the biblical example (see 1 Samuel 1:21-28), we value child dedication ceremonies as a meaningful and anticipated dynamic in the La Sierra University Church worship experience.

  1. Once a quarter we schedule specific services of dedication for parents who have recently had additions to their families and wish to bring their children to the church to be formally dedicated. The quarterly dedication service focuses the worship experience on our church’s ministry to the families of our congregation.

  2. For anyone not able to coordinate their schedule with the church's, or if parents prefer dedicating their child in a less public manner, we also offer the option of a private ceremony in the church at some time other than the worship service, or a ceremony held at a home of the parent's choosing.

  3. We deeply value this special time in the life of our families, if you would like to have your child dedicated, please contact the church office to make arrangements that are convenient and meaningful to you and your family.